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Yet another twenty sparky songs

Click to hear "Shoo Fly" (mp3, 1323 K)

Click to hear "Hurry Up" (mp3, 1449 K)

9:00 UK postage free

To order e-mail with your address
and which CDs you want.

I will send you details of how to pay


CD/ROM with Pie Corbett

How to put song into your stories and story into your music

Works in your CD player and computer with text, extending activities and story maps

Great for joining in with on long car journeys

Hear a couple of samples ...

A Feather in My Pocket (mp3, 908 K)

Little Vikki (mp3, 908 K)

15:00 - UK posting free

A revised More Sparks CD with three new tracks

Twenty lively multicultural songs including

'Washing Machine' - 'Bogeyman' and a booklet with lyrics and ideas !

Listen to "Washing Machine" (mp3, 1412 K)

Let's go to carnival with Mamma Paquita (mp3, 1025 K)


Sets of Rhythm Sticks.

Each set has 70 sticks of ideal size and weight for small hands, a CD with my ten favourite songs to sing with them and a booklet with tips and ideas all packed in a sturdy box.

Listen to a sample from the CD Miss Mary Mack (mp3, 1829 K)

The set costs 60:00 plus 12:00 postage

Bright Sparks and Tiny Sparks

All Sparks CDs 9:00 EACH- UK p+p free ! email :

These CD/booklets contain winner songs and rhymes that Steve has found work well in his workshops. There are ideas for adding actions, instruments, and games.

Many people with children have said that these are the favourites of both children and adults, great for those long car journeys.

The recordings all use accoustic instruments and sounds - no cheesy keyboards.

Bright Sparks-

18 of the best action songs ever in lively
recordings with lots of inspiration on what to do with them.

The Firework Song (mp3, 2666 K)

Click to hear "Obwisana" (mp3, 1003 K)

Tiny Sparks - well known basic songs and rhymes for the very young. It now has three extra songs migrated from More Sparks including a classic version of "Sleeping Bunnies"

Click to hear "Two little Dickie Birds" (mp3, 987 K)

Click to hear "The Grand old Duke of York" (mp3, 1347 K)

cover design...Maria Livings


How to use songs to learn melodic instruments

A CD/book with 25 songs that are good for learning instruments generally and xylophones keyboards and guitars in particular. There are five songs here that duplicate numbers on Bright Sparks but they are recorded again to help with playing instrumentally. Here are a few examples :

Arrabella Miller - a simple song that is very easy to play, partly because each note is repeated. It also works well as a hocket where two groups sing alternate words - (mp3, 1000 K)

Shoo Turkey (mp3, 305 K) - a lively action song that works particularly well with guitars as well as keyboards and xylophones. Allows beginners to join in a jam session.

Waterfall - a more advanced tune influenced by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Very popular at the school where I work (mp3, 1008 K)

To buy a copy e-mail Steve.